Support Show

We will be raising awareness of prostate cancer at a big, entertaining Support Show at The Royal Danish Theatre on May 27th 2022


We have arranged a strong team to bring music, dancing, fun and a little madness and goofing off for a blast of an evening.


Here you find available tickets for the big prostate cancer support show at The Royal Danish Theatre.

The ‘Rise Up!’ Campaign is supported by PROPA

Read more about the prostate, its function, prostate cancer, screening, diagnosis and treatment here (available in Danish).


PROPA is a patient association with the purpose of ensuring that prostate cancer patients get the best treatment and that their relatives get the best possible support. Read more here (available in Danish).

Background to the Campaign

There are no safe symptoms! That’s why you need to ‘Rise Up!’

4,500 men suffer from prostate cancer each year, which is the same number as women suffering from breast cancer each year. More than 1,200 men die from the disease each year, and even more are in treatment to hold the disease in check. At least 43,000 are living with prostate cancer today.

There are currently no safe signs or symptoms you can look out for in order to know if you have prostate cancer. It is detected in a blood test by your own doctor. The blood test measures the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) count, which is a biomarker for how much PSA is produced by the prostate gland. Your GP, asking whether you have a family history of prostate cancer and examining your prostate, will decide whether you should be sent for further examination in hospital.

Cancer cells are thought to produce about 10 times as much PSA as normal cells. Therefore, the PSA level is monitored as a possible indicator of cancer.

However, there is both a benign form of prostate cancer that does not require immediate treatment and a dangerous, aggressive form that can be treated if detected in time, but unfortunately the PSA level cannot distinguish between the significant cancer and the insignificant cancer.

Why we do this

More research – and you can help!

The PSA level just tells you that there is a possible cancer. Therefore, it is not sufficiently safe and can never be the sole diagnostic tool.

Thus there is a huge need for more research, because we need to find a more reliable way of knowing whether a man has the significant prostate cancer.

This is the research we need to encourage – and this is the research you can support in this campaign.

It can both save lives and improve the quality of life!

The funds raised in the ‘Rise Up!’ Campaign will go to the Danish Cancer Society for research into prostate cancer.

You can support the research by buying one of the support products here (available in Danish).

Companies can support the research by making a donation. Read more about the benefits and how to support here (available in Danish).

We will achieve #1

To raise funds to support more research

We will achieve #3

To raise awareness about men and prostate cancer

We will achieve #2

To ensure that aggressive prostate cancer can be detected earlier

We will achieve #4

To remove taboos about prostate cancer by talking about it

4,500 men

Diagnose with prostate cancer each year

1,150 die

More than 1,150 die from prostate cancer

43,000 suffer from it

At least 43,000 are living with the disease today

Why this cause is so important

‘RISE UP!’ – in time!

Many men often find it difficult to consult the GP – in time.

Innumerable are the calls to consult the GP that many men get from their wives or other relatives, but the men don’t really go there.

It practically has to bleed out of every orifice before anything happens, and very often the result could have been much better if they had gone to the GP sooner! Had come in time!

The ‘Rise Up!’ Campaign consequently aims at 2 things. 1: to raise support funds for more research into prostate cancer, and 2: to raise awareness of consulting the GP in time if you are sick, have a suspicion or symptoms, or for example have family members who suffer or have suffered from prostate cancer.

It can save lives and raise the quality of life. Read more here (available in Danish).

 ‘Rise Up!’ – Because!

– Svend Erik Bodi
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– Poul Erik Andersen
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– Peter Ladegaard
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